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Clinics & Training

Ballyhoo Volleyball Setting Clinics 2022

Ballyhoo Volleyball Setting Clinics will feature instruction from Club Director and current Elizabethtown Men's and Women's assistant coach Matt Schaeffer. Focuses will include footwork, consistency, vision, reversing the flow, out of system setting, playing balls out of the net, and offensive work (dumping). 

**This is recommended for athletes who already have experience as a setter. This is not meant to be an introduction to setting.**

Boys - December 11th, 2-3:15pm

Girls - December 18th, 2-3:15pm

Grades 9-12

To register, visit:

Winter Rec League Program 2023

Ballyhoo will be offering a Winter Rec League Program for 5th-8th grade girls and 7th-9th grade boys!  The primary objective will be improving the basic skills of passing, setting, hitting, and serving plus starting to understand blocking.  When playing, the emphasis will be on gaining a greater understanding of team concepts and strategies: how to switch, serve receive patterns, base to read movements defensively, and defense to offense movements in transition.  Players will be split up into teams and have weekly practices as well as 3-4 'tournaments' where the teams compete against each other!
All sessions will be held at Ballyhoo Arena at Heritage Hills Athletic Club, 2810 E Prospect Rd, York.
Space is limited to 40 athletes/division. 

Dates & Times:  Sundays, January 8th - Mar 26, 2.00 PM  to 3.30 PM
Divisions: Girls Intermediate (Grades 5th & 6th), Girls Jr High (Grades 7th & 8th), and Boys 7th-9th grade

For Further Information or to Register Click Here

Matt Schaeffer

Volleyball Director

 Individual and group training

Individual & group sessions are a way to work on specific skills and techniques in an insolated environment.  While individual/private lessons are a great way to develop a player’s skill set, group sessions can be just as (if not more) beneficial because of the nature of the sport and the interaction of the players.

Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are by appointment only. 
To schedule an individual or group session, email and include the number of athletes and the desired skill(s)/technique you wish to work on, & please include a contact number.

Held at Heritage Hills Athletic Club, York

Individual and Group Training Fees

Lesson Type 45 Minutes - Cost
Individual Private 1 on 1 $50
Small group (2or3) $75
Large group (4-8) $100

Volleyball Summer Camps 2023

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to build on your skills, Ballyhoo Volleyball has something for you! 

Our 3 day camps are Directed by Ballyhoo professional coaches

The 2023 Summer Camp Schedule and Registration will be posted in early 2023

Click here for more information

Ballyhoo Volleyball Fall Youth Program 2022

Ballyhoo Volleyball Fall Youth Program will feature three different age levels for young athletes in grades 1st-8th.  Individual skill and fundamental development will be the primary focus, while also incorporating gameplay, team concepts, and training.  This program is an excellent way for kids just starting out with the sport to start to learn in a team atmosphere and is also useful for experienced players looking to get ready for the upcoming club season!

Starts Sept 7th

For further information and to register click here