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Ballyhoo Volleyball Fundraising

Throughout the club season, Ballyhoo VBC will run 1-2 fundraisers that families can choose in which to participate.  Families can fundraise up to the total amount that they owe.  Anything raised over the total amount will go back to the volleyball program.

Dates that forms & payments are due will be strictly enforced!  With the size of our club, we cannot accept late orders or payments.   Only one check per player will be accepted with the order.  That check should be made out to 'Heritage Hills'.

Families that elect to pay in full can still take part in fundraisers.  Anything raised can be kept on their account for future use or reimbursed at the end of the club season for all teams at the end of July.

Ballyhoo VBC will keep track of funds earned but each family should also keep track of their profits as well.

SCRIP Program Instructions

The Scrip Program is a fundraiser using gift cards (both physical and electronic ones) to turn everyday shopping into earnings.  To learn more about signing up and to explore the available options, check out the scrip website link on the right and the informational flyer below.  Instructions on how to set up your account as well as ordering, delivery, pick up, and application of funds can be found on the right

Getting Started

1.  Go to:

2. Click on 'Join A Program'

3. Enter the Ballyhoo Enrollment Code: DF61LD9L47785

4. Create a username & password and enter user information (be sure to include player's name under 'Student Name' and Ballyhoo VBC under 'Classroom/Group'

5. Register for PrestoPay

Note: Ballyhoo does not accept check payments for scrip orders.  All orders must use the online payment options: either PrestoPay or credit card

6. Start Ordering!


Order/Delivery, Pick-Up, & Funds Application

  • Physical gift card orders will be released for processing by Ballyhoo on Sunday evenings each week (exceptions will be made in December to ensure cards arrive before Christmas)
  • Electronic gift cards (ScripNow) and/or reloading of physical cards can be done and available for use at anytime
  • Physical cards will typically arrive at Heritage Hills Athletic Club by Thursday.  They will be sorted and distributed to your athlete at the next practice.  If you need cards earlier, pickup at HHAC front desk can be arranged
  • Funds raised will be credited to player's account at the end of the month starting in January (Dec & Jan will be combined).  95% of the funds will go to the player's account.  The remaining 5% goes towards Ballyhoo VBC to offset shipping (shipping costs range between $8.50-14.25 per order!)